Zero Waste – Conference June 2016


In June I was in Zürich to join the conference: Zero Waste: Utopia or Necessity? with Bea Johnson! I’m glad I made it, it was amazingly inspiring!

For those who don’t know who she is, Bea johnson and her family, husband and sons, are living the Zero waste life style for already 8 years. Yes! 8 years!!!

In the conference Zero Waste: Utopia or Necessity?,she talked about her life, why they chose this life style and how was the process. Including when she got to extremes and had to make some steps back. She has been inspiring people all over the world, including me.

The question: Utopia or Necessity? For me, the answer is necessity!! The planet is collapsing, all the sources are ending, governments failing, wars everywhere. We do have to move and make things better. We do have to change our habits.

I think the best way to start is at home, where you are. And then followed by talking about your changes to people, to spread the ideas and also getting new ideas from them. Sharing and learning always!

This is Bea’s website – – where she made also an app to find stores where you can buy in bulk. So cool!!!




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