Brushing my teeth


One of the first changes I made was my toothpaste. My toothpaste was over in the right moment I decided to change my life to no waste. I have seen some recipes and also a video from Lauren Singer who is living already for some years without trash.

The recipe is very simple and easy to make:

3 tablespoons coconut oil

11/2 tablespoons baking soda

25-30 drops of an essential oil you prefer

It took me some days to adapt but now it’s totally normal for me! The sink gets a bit oily but nothing that you can not clean it, isn’t ? It has a different consistence than a normal toothpaste, and the coconut oil can be hard in winter but you can put the glass under hot water or too liquid in warm temperatures so you can put in the fridge.

Keep it in a glass container, I used the one from the coconut oil.



bambooEvery year we use at least 6 toothbrushes and they are made of plastic! But not all! Bamboo toothbrush exists! Yes!!! I’m so happy about it!

There are 2 brands I found better:

  1. Environmental Toothbrush (the one I have)

Its made from Bamboo (handle), nylon (bristles), cardboard (box) and It was designed in Australia and made in China. I found out that the nylon used for the bristles, Nylon 4, is also biodegradable in soil. The company cites an article of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences:

9.2. Nylon 4

It has been reported that nylon 4 was degraded in the soil [88] and in the activated sludge [89]. The results confirmed that Nylon 4 is readily degradable in the environment. Furthermore, the biodegradability of nylon 4 and nylon 6 blends was investigated in compost and activated sludge. The nylon 4 in the blend was completely degraded in 4 months while nylon 6 was not degraded [90]. Recently, Yamano et al. was able to isolate polyamide 4 degrading microorganisms (ND-10 and ND-11) from activated sludge. The strains were identified as Pseudomonas sp. The supernatant from the culture broth of strain ND-11 degraded completely the emulsified nylon 4 in 24 h and produced γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) as degradation product [91]. 

  1. Brush with Bamboo

It’s made with Bamboo (handle), nylon (bristles), plants (wrapper) and paper (box). Made in USA.

I have found a third one in the UK, but I have to dig a bit more about it. Anyway I put the website below as it’s in the UK, much closer than US or Australia. There is another one in Germany but they are made with hair pig so not suitable for vegetarians/vegan.



I will probably buy more soon, if you are interested to buy it together contact me by email to arrange it.

ps: I’ve just found out another one!! It’s from Germany! I’ve never tried but my next try will be this one 🙂 I will tell you all about it when I try it!!! ❤


Escovando meus dentes


Pasta de dente

Uma das primeiras coisas que mudei foi a pasta de dente. Minha pasta de dente estava acabando no momento que decidi mudar a minha vida pra no waste. Eu vi algumas receitas e um video da Lauren Singer que vive já a alguns anos sem lixo.

A reiceita é bem simples e fácil de fazer:

3 colheres de sopa de óleo de côco

11/2 colheres de sopa de bicarbonato de sódio

25-30 gotas de óleo essencial de sua preferência

Eu precisei de alguns dias pra adaptar mas agora é totalmente normal pra mim! A pia fica engordurada mas é só limpar com mais frequência. Tem uma consistência e gosto diferentes da que estamos adaptados mas com o tempo acostuma.

Você pode colocar essa pasta de dente em um pote de vidro, no caso eu coloquei no próprio pote do óleo de côco pra reaproveitar.


Escova de dente

Todo ano nós usamos pelo menos 6 escovas de dente que são feitas de plástico! Mas não todas! Escova de bamboo existe!!! Sim!!! Sou muito feliz por isso!!

Eu pesquisei um pouco pra saber onde encontrar no Brasil a escova de dente de bamboo, no site da Cristal, Um ano sem lixo, ela tem uma lista de coisas e onde encontra-las, ela falou de um lugar chamado Paz em Gaia, em SP.

A escova que uso é da Austrália, mas futuramente vou usar uma da Alemanha que descobri depois. Elas são feitas de bamboo, nylon 4 que é comprovado ser degradável, e embalagem de papel.



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