Menstrual Cup

Here I am, after a very long period without writing. Today I will talk about the menstrual cup! I have been using the menstrual cup for a year an half, and Its like a dream! Apart from the cramps, I forget I have my period. Its clean and easy to use it. And the best... Continue Reading →

Zero Waste – Conference June 2016

In June I was in Zürich to join the conference: Zero Waste: Utopia or Necessity? with Bea Johnson! I'm glad I made it, it was amazingly inspiring! For those who don't know who she is, Bea johnson and her family, husband and sons, are living the Zero waste life style for already 8 years. Yes! 8... Continue Reading →


12 Awesome Uses for Lemons Lemons are an amazing source of vitamin C, which is one of the most important vitamins for good health. They are also excellent antioxidants and a good anti-inflammatory, and are known to play a beneficial role in fighting degenerative brain diseases, heart disease, and even cancer. But there are many... Continue Reading →


Composting is the best way to decrease your litter! But what it is? Composting is the biological process of recovery of organic matter, whether from urban, domestic, industrial, agricultural or forestry, and can be considered as a type of organic waste recycling. This is a natural process in which microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria... Continue Reading →

Growing food

  Spring is here! Great time to start growing food. Me and my neighbour we share a garden and we decided to grow some food like last year, but this year a bit different. We decided to make a Mandala Garden. I love Mandalas! So I thought why not make it in the garden, to... Continue Reading →

Brushing my teeth

Toothpaste One of the first changes I made was my toothpaste. My toothpaste was over in the right moment I decided to change my life to no waste. I have seen some recipes and also a video from Lauren Singer who is living already for some years without trash. The recipe is very simple and... Continue Reading →

Life without plastic

Every thing started last December when I was visiting my father in Brazil. We went to several beaches where turtles, mostly all year, lay their eggs. And what did we see? A lot of plastic, I mean a LOT of plastic! During one of our walks we collected what we found it, for hours. It’s... Continue Reading →

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